February 12, 2007 at 3:13 pm (Interior)


Journey to the past and relive the fabulous fifties with this vintage inspired Retro Payphone. This delightful gadget comes in a fun shade of bubble gum pink and is perfect for teenagers, or adults looking to add a bit of nostalgia in their lives. The phone is styled after the iconic 1950’s and features a rotary look but incorporates touch tone dialing for easy convenience. An added bonus? The snazzy replica doubles as a piggy bank. Fool your friends by having them place money in the coin slot – calls are entirely free to place. To retrieve your money, simply use the key that is included. The user friendly phone also comes with an extra long 34 inch cord for comfortable walking and talking. Sure to impress, use this nifty invention as a quirky conversation piece or a clever old school addition to your abode.

found here


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