The Fururistic Amman!

February 28, 2007 at 1:56 pm (Jordan)


The Municipality of Amman has launched the master plan for a future Amman was unveiled with designated areas for the building of towers. The plan, which includes 260 high-rise buildings, appears well thought out and has had a lot of input from the citizens who attend public meetings. They are so impressive actually I just hope that they come out just as beautiful in reality!



  1. 3mr (3 means A!) said,

    This will never come true!, nevertherless, The Municipality of Amman decided to collapse the area around the massive private projects regardless of human rights and citizens rights knowing that the development era in jordan must be governmental to be able to make exceptions for public benifits not for private business.

    am looking forward to see the hell people here live in after the whole strange random developments. and i will be truley happy when i see most of us become poor begging the government to raise their salaries by 5 or so JDs :s

  2. Kareem Zalatimo said,

    I dont know from where can i start…… maybe Amazing ??? the site
    realy i like every thing my eyes seen
    iam from jordan
    worked in kuwait as graphic designer in Advt. agancy here in kuwait
    sometimes u miss Jordan, then u go for the pictures or search
    by chance i see the new eyes for jordan in the future .. realy its amazing
    i check all the categories in the site
    God Bless all team who work in this Great job

    Kareem Zalatimo

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